Friday, November 27, 2009

Sam Worthington Has Signed On For Two More AVATAR Sequels

Jim here. Well we knew it was in the works, but it appears that Sam Worthington has committed himself to two more AVATAR sequels!

Worthington told Total Film: "You work 18-hour days. I was on it for 14 months. Jim's (Cameron) still editing. We'll still be filming it up to the day it's released -- probably after the movie comes out, knowing Jim! That commitment is what makes him the man he is. It's life or death. It's war. That's how he approaches movies... "We're signed for a trilogy. But I think I'll be 94 by the time it finishes, to be honest. I know Jim's got some ideas in his big head."

Great to hear something more substantial about this! Where does this place BATTLE ANGEL and THE DIVE in the directing queue for Cameron? Anybody's guess. Obviously box office will play a huge role too. Guess Jake lives through all Pandora throws at him eh? :-)

Note that he said "WE'VE signed for a trilogy". Does that mean the core group of AVATAR talent, or merely his personal team? Hmmm... More where we get it!

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