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3D Movie Review: JURASSIC WORLD: 8.8 Stars - 3D Box Office Explodes!!

This review is a bit late getting out I know, but I wanted to ensure I saw it again and I did - 3 times now (recently took the family)! It is indeed that great a movie and the 3D is well worth the extra surcharge at the box office. I personally guarantee it - and I've used my exclusive review format for you.

JURASSIC WORLD is continuing it's stellar success with 3D box office as audiences respond to the jawdropping 3D immersion in the movie. 47% of the box office continues to be 3D. Keep in mind that 3 out of the top 5 movies are 3D - including the top 2, and 5 out of the top 10. Massive numbers for 3D! As of yesterday JW sits at $981.3 million after just over a week in release - it WILL pass $1 billion today (~11 days). Stellar performance - and ANOTHER record as that bounty beats FURIOUS 7 (17 days) for fastest to $1 billion.

I'm astounded with the naysayers out there that continue to try and defend their positions on the movie. They say the CGI is rough, 3D isn't needed, poor character development, blah, blah, blah. I could go on. First of all I haven't seen the movie in 2D and won't until I get it on blu-ray. 3D is how to see it in theaters and if you don't you are truly missing out on the spectacle. Perhaps the CGI in 2D is not as impressive - that has happened before with me: I thought that the effects in a past movie viewed in 2D were unimpressive and not real enough, but when I saw THE EXACT SAME SCENES IN 3D - I was floored! Yes, sometimes visual effects are immensely better in three dimensions and that could be with JW because I see nothing wrong with the CGI performance. 3D does help with suspension of disbelief and in the case of JW - it's almost required.

The 3D conversion is not perfect, but certainly great enough to have a very good time at the show for 99% of audiences. I know what to look for as I have said many times before but for the masses it's perfectly fine. And as I say, 3D is required viewing for the movie - especially as it amps up the visual effects and let's face it, we're going to see dinosaurs here so the CGI and suspension of disbelief is very important. Native 3D still would have been a better choice by the filmmakers. One conversion error was trying to draw the audiences eye to the two boys in the massive crowd as they enter the main park building - they started far too early doing that so the boys appear to float above the others temporarily. Also it highlights the fact that the child actors were waiting for a cue to action before moving within the crowd (my interpretation anyway). So that brought me out of the movie. HOWEVER, other times the conversion seemed to take the time to do things right - like the close attention to detail when the screen was divided many times by thin lines (wires or plant branches) - usually in cheap conversions you can see ugly distortion there as automated conversions can't handle it. These JW scenes definitely had human hands touch them, to clean that up - well done!

Yes character development was not that great, but we're here to see dinosaurs so I cut Trevorrow significant slack in this department. We cared about the kids and they were the linchpin in this movie just as the original JURASSIC PARK. And the story was geared around the dinos again - so whatever. It's a popcorn movie, not freakin' GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.

Probably the best thing about the movie was the Sound / Score. I thought it was perfect and a further tribute to the original movie. Plenty of "easter eggs" in JW referring back to JP - I won't spoil them, but keep an eye out! And they're not silly references either - some play a key role. Others are just meant as a smile as you nod your head.

Definitely see this movie in 3D and on the largest screen you can. These dinos are meant to be HUGE. Don't make a mistake and just see it in 2D - the world agrees; 3D is how to see it. If you have any questions about the movie before seeing it - the comments are open! :-)


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