Friday, October 05, 2007

Is Bob Swayed? Jackson Directed "The Hobbit" Soon To Be Announced

Is Bob Shaye swayed? As posted earlier, I believe Peter Jackson will soon be announced as the director of "The Hobbit". I have heard from an internal source that a very generous percentage sharing deal with New Line is in the works concurrently with ongoing litigation between the two parties. Further, and here is the kicker: In return for the deal, the litigation that is pending between Jackson and New Line will be withdrawn. It all hinges on continued good faith dialogue between everyone involved.

Entertainment Weekly echoes my findings as well although they stop short of saying the litigation will be dropped. "There has been a détente,” says one insider. There is now the beginning of a discourse between Peter Jackson and New Line that’s running parallel to the litigation proceedings."

I suspect that the deal will be even more lucrative than what is expected for someone of Peter Jackson's stature to help him forget about the litigation. Hey whatever works. Just. Get. Him. Directing.

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