Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Speed Racer 2" To Be 3D??

Certainly looks that way! My friends over at CHUD recently interviewed Joel Silver who is the director producer of "Speed Racer". Joel had some VERY interesting things to say about 3D, that "Speed Racer" was almost in 3D itself and that... well read what he said for yourself:

Q: Since we can never get Larry and Andy, have they started thinking about 3-D filmmaking?
Silver: Yeah, we talked about this being 3-D. We actually discussed this being 3-D. There aren’t enough theaters yet right now to make it really…it would have taxed us to make this 3-D right now. But maybe if we make a sequel, I mean, they have a story for a sequel and if they make it…

Q: What is it? Any hints on where it might go?

Silver: Well, there’s things they want to do with him. There’s as many episodes of this cartoon so there’s a lot of ideas, but if we make the sequel maybe that will be in 3-D, but I mean it would have been possible because it was digital to begin with to do it in 3-D and all those shots were rendered so it would have been possible.
Awesome! I haven't seen "Speed Racer" yet, but the trailer certainly is begging for the 3D upgrade just by the very nature of the film. And since as Joel says they are in digital anyway, it makes perfect sense to consider 3D - in fact they could go back and re-release it as a 3D movie should he demand be great enough. Be sure to check out the entire interview over at CHUD.

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