Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sony's New 3D Capable Projector: Gunfight At The 4K Corral...

Sony is battling today's status quo of having to use dual 2K Digital Projectors to achieve a 4K stereoscopic 3D screening by introducing their new 4K projector at Cinema Expo 2008 in Amsterdam.

The new projector is "projected" to be launched by Christmas this year and should provide a more affordable and elegant 4K 3D solution. Merging projection from two different cameras can be very challenging, needing constant adjustments and potential headaches.

The projector is now being tested at 4 locations in Norway. It seems as though this technology has been around awhile as it was being used in Norway back in 2005. I suspect there have been many improvements since then - most likely in the cost and manufacture of the equipment.

Source: THR

Hmmm... How big a living room would I need to house this thing?? :-)

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