Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic-Con 2008: Disney Reveals "TR2N" Sneak Peak - Not In Disney Digital 3D Yet

Jim here. Got word from Jim Hill that Disney just surprised a "Race To Witch Mountain" audience with a 3 minute sneak preview of their newly in production TR2N. Word is that this movie will showcase their Disney Digital 3D process and is pegged for release in the spring of 2011.

Disney has kept this hush hush for some time now and even had Jeff Bridges come in to do a scene in only a single afternoon to keep the buzz low. Jim also says that if you missed the TR2N clip - Disney MAY be showing it again in the BOLT and UP presentation on Saturday!

From Mr. Hill's blog: "Showing two lightcycles zooming across a seemingly infinite game grid. Of course, this being 2008 rather than 1982 ... The game has changed somewhat over the past 26 years. Now players can race across different levels of the same terrain, using spiral ramps up or down in an attempt to gain an advantage over their opponents.

And as for the lightcycles themselves ... They were very reminiscent to the bikes seen in the original Steve Lisberger film. Only bigger and meaner-looking. Which -- given the way that these two vehicles battered against one other as they raced across the course, sending showers of blue & yellow sparks flying everywhere -- only seemed appropriate.

Yeah, this was definitely not your Daddy's "Tron." As was apparent by the appearance of first a grey, bearded version of Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Who was holed up in this austere furturistic penthouse which overlooked the game grid. This was then followed by the appearance of a much younger looking CG Flynn. Who -- as the injured lightcycle rider lay crumpled at Flynn's feet said "Hey, it's only a game" -- he powered up his energy disk and then said "Not anymore." And as this CG Flynn moved in for the kill, the "TR2N" logo formed onscreen."

This sounds like kinda how SPEEDRACER should have been done if you ask me. And with the movie blazing away in glorious 3D, it should be quite the spectacle! Nice call Disney!

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