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Piranha 3D: Release Slated For July 2009!

Alexandre Aja

Alexandra Aja
was caught in a net over at the San Diego Comic Con by JoBlo and he spilled his guts about his gore fest movie coming at us in stereoscopic splendor: Piranha 3D. Probably the newest bit of information about the "earthquake releases prehistoric piranhas on spring break students" is that the window for release has been set for July 2009! I am speculating that the movie will most likely fit in between "Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs" (July 1st) and "G-Force" (July 24th).

And yes, you're right! 2009 is breaking at the seams for 3D releases. We need to get those 3D screens in rollout project plans RIGHT NOW. Take a look at the scheduled releases. There is no less than 19 3D movies set to be screened in 2009 and only three of those movies do not have a date set yet. The studio response to 3D has been OVERWHELMING. Now with those recent theater chain commitments in place for RealD, we need to see some action to get those screens in place immediately. But I digress...

Here is some extracted info about Piranha 3D from JoBlo's recent interview (be sure to read the whole conversation here):

Q: Is PIRANHA 3D going to stick close to the Joe Dante original?
Aja: You know, it’s not really a remake at all. It’s a piranha movie, but there is not even one element or one scene from the Dante or the James Cameron movie. The story’s very simple: an earthquake releases a prehistoric piranha during Spring Break. So there’s going to be some crazy drunk kids getting killed.

Q: Is there going to be a lot of campy aspects to this? Is your movie going to be funny or is it going to be hard core horror?
Aja: It’s going to be hard core horror, but funny at the same time. You know, kind of like DEAD ALIVE.

Q: Are you looking forward to using the new 3D technology in the making of PIRANHA 3D?
Aja: When I was getting exdited about James Cameron coming out with AVATAR 3D, I was thinking about when we would see the first horror movie in 3D. You know, most of the work when making a horror movie is creating a world where you throw them inside the screen to scare them—but their only watching it. I’m looking forward to having the stuff come out of the screen at the audience, and give them nightmares. When you think about Spring Break, you think about drinking, you think about topless girls, and this movie is going to have it all.

Q: When is PIRANHA 3D expected to be released?
Aja: Next July. Yeah, it’s going to be happening very fast.

Anyone seeing a trend here in 3D movie making? Yep. Horror movies. I love it! Horror applies itself so well to 3D in many respects and should really enjoy the spoils of stereoscopic spectacularism!
If that's even a word... Guess it is now even if it wasn't! lol.

Image Source: TV Guide

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