Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick Post: "Fly Me To The Moon" Launch Date Moved Up To August 15th! Check Out The Trailer...

Jim here. Summit Entertainment's FLY ME TO THE MOON has been moved up to August 15th for their release date in the US and Canada.

July 16, 1969. NASA's space program was in full swing. A moon landing was about to become a reality. Astronauts, Neil Armstrong, "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins headed up the historic mission.

That's what you do know...
What you don't know is that FLY ME TO THE MOON is the story of how three ordinary flies, NAT, I.Q. and SCOOTER managed to sneak aboard the Apollo 11 and forever changed the course of history! Not to mention, gain heroic confidence, overcome a few death-defying challenges and just maybe put an end to the notion that "dreamers get swatted."

Hey great! The sooner the better. I think the trailer looked pretty good in front of JOURNEY 3D and whats with space missions always changing their launch dates anyway? :-) The trailer is below:

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