Thursday, September 25, 2008

FATHOM Update: Megan Fox Signs On With... Fox?

According to, Megan Fox has signed on to the 20th Century Fox property FATHOM which has been under the auspices of James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment for some time now. The project has now been shifted over to Fox Atomic now however. What does this mean? Will the lack of Cameron's touch remove any hope of 3D from this project?

From the site: "The studio is currently (on the lookout for) several writers to bring aboard to revamp the script as a vehicle for Megan Fox, who, our source says, has officially signed onto the project this week. Fox is set to play the lead character of Aspen.

The comic book is centered around the character of Aspen, the central character in the Fathom universe, Aspen Matthews continues to search for clues from her past in order to balance the turmoil between the two world's she's inhabited. Stepping off the Paradise cruise ship in 1984, Aspen was adopted by the naval officer Captain Matthews and subsequently raised under his supervision. She flirted with Olympic gold in Seoul in 1988 before controversy washed away his swimming career. Instead focusing on earning multiple degrees in Marine Biology, Aspen became an expert in her field and earned her a position on the DMD, or Deep Marine Discovery. It was at the DMD where Aspen's tumultuous journey with the race of The Blue began. After defeating the renegade leader Killian and ending the Blue Sun incident, Aspen was captured by the mysterious race known as The Black."

Oh man, I hope 3D immigrates with the project - this is yet another awesome opportunity to highlight the visual excellence that 3D provides, especially in underwater scenarios.

As a related side note: I use ARIAL font for all my posts. (Yeah, I know. It's spelled Ariel.)

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