Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Post: Zemeckis and Carrey Talk "Christmas Carol"

Hey everyone, Michael here.  Movieweb has an interesting article detailing Disney's presentation of Bob Zemeckis' 3-D performance capture A Christmas Carol at today's Walt Disney Studios Showcase event at the Kodak Theater.  While no footage was shown, both Zemeckis and Carol star Jim Carrey had a lot to say about the film. Some snippets:

Zemeckis: "It is one of the greatest time travel tales ever written. A Christmas Carol has never been shown on film the way it was intended. This is the perfect story for this new motion capture technology.”

Carrey: "Robert Zemeckis has come in and freed up the process. He has revolutionized Motion capture...I loved being the king in Robert’s virtual kingdom."

Also, /Film has a photo of the first official banner for the film.  Hopefully we will soon get to see some of the concept art, paintings, props and models that were on display!

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