Thursday, November 06, 2008

James Cameron and Vince Pace to Speak at 3D Entertainment Summit

Michael here.  James Cameron and Vince Pace are scheduled to headline presentations at the 3D Entertainment Summit, to be held December 1-2 in Los Angeles.

Cameron and Pace join a speaker lineup that includes Jeffrey Katzenberg, Journey 3-D helmer Eric Brevig, Real D CEO Michael Lewis, Fox Sports Television Group CEO David Hill, Sony Pictures Imageworks Senior Producer Buzz HaysDisney Pictures President of Distribution Chuck Viane, and Paramount President of Distribution Jim Tharp.

That's an impressive lineup!  If anyone can impress upon the attendees the myriad business opportunites to be found in 3-D, it's this group.

The 3-D Entertainment Summit describes itself as: "this year's most crucial educational and networking event for developing business strategies to harness the explosion in 3D entertainment."  

Check out the event website at for registration information, schedules, and more.   

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