Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Post: Cameron Will Not Make 3DX - "Avatar" teaser NOT shown

**SAME DAY UPDATE #2: Quote from my source: "The JC video showed him in his screening room editing Avatar. Sigourney Weaver could be seen (it was an intentional 3D c*ck tease, totally unfair - she was on the screen and you couldn't make anything else out) and it looked like he was cutting on final cut pro (perhaps at home?). He said the usual blah blah about 3D being great and him being a pioneer etc. I thought it was okay and a cool thing but in talking with the others, it seems most were disappointed."

Here is the big kick the rear: Jon Landau alluded to NOT SHOWING ANY AVATAR MATERIAL FOR 1 YEAR. That, my friends, brings us to the release of the movie - December 2009. What do you think - he is pulling or leg or what??


Downer. Big time. NO AVATAR material at all. The video clip shown was a 3D Titanic test (that was impressive apparently) but again the much anticipated AVATAR material never surfaced. Unless there is a surprise unveiling later this week, all bets are now on the 3D Entertainment Summit for the AVATAR reveal (where Cameron is still on to be physically there). We hope. Jon Landau's presentation was excellent by the way. Overall, the buzz died down significantly after no AVATAR.

The 3DX event is still an outstanding venue let me point out! Awesome material and a wicked lineup of industry leaders definitely made it the place to be - and it still has more events to come.

According to my source, Jim Cameron will NOT make an appearance at the 3DX Festival in Singapore today but that he is sending in a video! Gee - I wonder if it is this one? Details are sketchy, but we should have a clearer picture very soon. In fact, Jon Landau is present at the show and is scheduled to present at 11:30am Singapore time. He can certainly talk to what is happening on the screen.

Here's hoping. Oh and security is tighter than John McCain's clenched fists. STAY TUNED for more details as I get 'em!

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