Thursday, November 06, 2008

SCAR 3D: Exclusive New Poster - Opening In UK Tomorrow!

Jim here. I just got off the phone with Norman Twain, Producer of SCAR 3D and he sent me some new international posters and I thought it would be cool to show how the movie is being marketed around the world. Included is a first look at the poster for Greece (left).

I am surprised that a North American distributor has not signed on yet! This movie is going to do some serious business on 3D screens if the timing is correct - and by that, I mean the sooner the better. 2009 has got a bucket load of 3D movies on tap and timing will be an issue to ensure a proper window of opportunity for the graphic torture film.

According to my records, there are a couple of good spots still in the calendar for it: May 1st (or the 8th if MONSTERS VS. ALIENS is still cleaning up) or June 5th (July 1st is ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS) - and that's it really. There may be opportunity to split 3D screens with another movie like PLANET 51 (November 20th) as the number of 3D venues will have dramatically improved by then. There is obviously a hard stop on December 18th for James Cameron's AVATAR though.

So - distributors! Once you see how well MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D and FINAL DESTINATION 4 perform in 2009, it may very well be too late as someone else has swooped in and grabbed the rights to SCAR 3D. Pick it up and secure that release date so we can all squirm in 3D once more. Seems like a helluva opportunity to me.

SCAR 3D opened number 1 in Russia and the UK opening will be interesting to watch tomorrow!

Break Sever a leg guys!

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