Friday, January 30, 2009

3D Spinoff "Puss In Boots" Gets Writer

Jim here. HR is reporting that Dreamworks Animation has signed on Tom Wheeler to pen the SHREK spinoff movie PUSS IN BOOTS which will be made in stereoscopic 3D.

The main character is voiced by Antonio Banderas and already has a massive following after the success of the original franchise SHREK - which also has a fourth installment coming out: SHREK GOES FOURTH, May 21, 2010.

There seems to be a very real chance that there will be some high-seas antics for the movie as Wheeler is currently working on CUTLASS ISLAND and just finished CAPTAIN COOK'S EXTRAORDINARY ATLAS. By the way, I am a direct descendant of Surveyor General, Captain Samual Holland who actually taught James Cook how to navigate and instilled the passion for the profession that lasted his lifetime. Just thought that is a cool thing to throw in there! :-)

Stay tuned for more on PUSS IN BOOTS when I get it... This movie has a shot at beating the originals at the box office if you ask me.

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