Thursday, January 08, 2009

CES 2009: Next3D Offers FREE In Home 3D Movie Distribution Service

This seems to be interesting. I was contacted by David Cole, the CEO of Next3D and he says they are offering a free in home 3D movie and webcast service.

Says David: "The player is free and much of the initial content is free. There will be interstitial ads (in 3D) supporting the free content. Additionally, there are premium content providers who's wares will be pay-for-view. Pricing for pay-for-view is TBA, but will be in line with other internet-based streaming services."

So there will be some cost for items you would expect there to be a cost for like premium movies, but I like the free player approach. They have some partners lined up already like theatrical and IMAX rights holders. The player will be available for XBOX 360s and PCs this spring. They plan on being the "iTunes of the 3D media industry".

They will also offer user generated media channels which is a nice premise to think about.

Competition for Next3D would include other 3D media codec providers like TDVision and Sensio. Interesting to see how this will play out.

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