Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got Your "Monsters Vs. Aliens" 3D Glasses Yet?

Jim here. Thought I would bring some more attention to the upcoming 3D commercial during halftime of the Superbowl.

A good friend of mine, Jason Bayless of Zombie Popcorn sent me some images of what the glasses look like. Interesting that they have to label which side is left and right! I guess there is no way around providing these to the swarms of folks who have never seen how glasses kinda drape over ears to hold them in place...

You can get your free 3D glasses at these selected locations: Kroger, Ralphs, Frys, Safeway, Supervalu, Albertsons, Food Lion, A&P, Pathmark, Coburns, Fairway, Fresh Brands, Hy Vee, Nash Finch, Roundy's, Winn Dixie, K-Mart, Dollar General, Hess, CVS, Meijer (1/31) and Target (1/31).

As much as all the effort (and money) that Dreamworks Animation is putting into the promotion of MONSTERS VS. ALIENS is well intentioned, I hope that they do succeed in this campaign. The movie looks great after all...

I do recommend checking out their MvsA site here. They have done an excellent job with it - definitely wasn't just thrown together like some movie sites. Hope you get to see the 3D commercial! Don't forget that NBC is also airing CHUCK in 3D the next day, so don't throw them away.

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