Sunday, January 11, 2009

New AVATAR Behind The Scenes Photo

Jim here - nice to see almost a regularity behind the revealing of some new shots from AVATAR, even though they are not revealing much. In fact, the most exciting thing in the two released images has been "What's on Jim's t-shirt today"?

Case in point - today's t-shirt says "We (heart) WGTN" - WGTN stands of course for Wellington, NZ. Obviously they are reviewing some recent shot on their on set display.

The two in the front seem to be having a blast, but the two in the back... not so much. Was there division on the set??? Haha - just trying to make it more interesting! Love seeing the pics though Fox - keep 'em coming! Oh, and send them to MarketSaw once and awhile!

Photo courtesy of LATimes

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