Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Panasonic Working With James Cameron To Release "Avatar" In 3D Blu-ray For Easter 2010?

Wow. Jim here - I have always been worried that there will be another format war centered on the 3D home entertainment market as the industry comes to grips with the task of uniting everyone. Now comes word that Panasonic has been secretly working with James Cameron and in particular, a little project known as AVATAR. Their goal? To introduce Panasonic's open 3D technology to the public using a fully blown out, 3D HD release of AVATAR on Blu-ray by Easter of 2010!

DVDTown states that this info comes via "industry insiders". Apparently, clips of AVATAR have been shown to select audiences to show off their 3D Home Videos capability. (By the way, points to MarketSaw - heh). I actually got wind of this a couple weeks ago when a reader sent me a note saying that a clip of AVATAR had been shown at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. I have been trying like crazy to get a view of this material, but no go thus far.

If you are reading this and you have seen the advance previews of AVATAR, drop me a email will ya? jim (at) marketsaw (dot) com. That's an order! :-)

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