Monday, March 23, 2009

Pang Brothers To Shoot First Asian 3D Horror Movie

Jim here. According to THR, the Pang brothers (THE EYE, 2005; BANGKOK DANGEROUS) are set to shoot THE CHILD'S EYE IN 3D at a reported budget of $4.5 million. Thailand shooting is to commence in June.

The directing twins, Danny and Oxide will be working with Universe Films, Digital Magic and Fat Face Productions.

“The Child’s Eye in 3D” tells the story of six stranded Hong Kong travelers during the shutdown of the Bangkok airport in the November 2008 anti-government protest and their supernatural encounters after the disappearance of three in the group."

In a related story, THR will be hosting a 2 hour panel on 3D within the Hong Kong - Asian Film Financing Forum, AND one and a half days of 3D screenings with the Hong Kong International Film Festival (including MONSTERS VS. ALIENS on March 24 - Katzenberg will be there as well). The festival runs March 22 to April 13. Good on you THR!

The Pangs are really starting to make some headway on the world filmmaking scene - I don't know too much about this project but it seems that they have heads on their shoulders so here is hoping they pull it off!

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