Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Post: Exhibitors Meet with Wall Street; Hope to Speed Up 3D Rollout

Michael here. Variety has an article about a meeting between exhibitors and Wall Street bankers that took place in New York yesterday in which theater operators sought funding for digital and 3D conversions.

The financial crisis, and the resulting frozen credit markets, has slowed the expected pace of the digital and 3D rollouts.

An interesting tidbit from the article is that Regal has been redistributing its 232 3D-equipped projectors amongst various markets to maximize the potential revenue from future 3D shows.

I hope they find sufficient funding and are able to make up for lost time. Entertainment, which always thrives in down economic climates, seems as sure a bet as possible...and 3D films outperform their non-3D showings by significant factors. Let's hope they all see the obvious logic and solve this issue ASAP!

Check out the Variety article for more discussion of the current state of the rollout.

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