Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick Post: HUGE Sony deal with AMC For Digital 4K Projectors

Jim here. Just got wind of a mega deal for Sony to help them pull even with Texas Instruments in Digital 4K projector deployments.

It is a $315 million deal. TI has 5,476 deployments but this deal will bring Sony up to ~5,000 4K projectors in North America.

The Sony projectors will be installed starting in the second quarter of this year and will finish up in 2012.

AND... an exciting quote from Frank Rash a SVP with AMC: “Digital cinema gives us a huge opportunity to do 3-D, live broadcasts and playback of live events."

YES! I am really stoked about live 3D events too. A great deal for both parties.

AND more from Showest coming up! Stay tuned...

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