Sunday, March 29, 2009

SOLID Opening for "Monsters vs. Aliens"!

Jim here. Hey MONSTERS VS. ALIENS had a wicked opening night Friday with estimates from BoxOfficeMojo claiming $16,700,000. Not too bad - actuals could be higher as the 3D premium is hard to nail at times with estimates.

I am still sticking with my $66m weekend but hey, so what if I am aiming high? This is a damn good movie so get out and witness history.

I saw it Friday night (Michael got the crew's premiere!) and I was floored. The visuals were technically a work of art. Phil McNally and his team have really set the bar high for future animations - including Pixar's UP.

Throughout the whole movie there were only 2 sight gags and they were tastfully done. One was used, I am sure, to just MAKE SURE you knew this was a 3D movie and it had the required result. I flinched. YES. They caught me. I won't say where it is, but after you see it you will know.

Anyway, the remainder of the movie was stunning and solid. 3D was used tastfully and effectively. Sure the story could use some work but it is clearly aimed at families with young kids so leeway is surely given.

My rating for MvsA? 3.5 / 5. Almost a four, but I don't use 3.75 / 5. Or did I? What the hey, 3.75 / 5. Bottomline? See this movie.

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