Monday, April 27, 2009

3D Is The Answer For Music Labels Seeking More Revenue

Jim here. Thorsten, a longtime reader from Germany sent me this info (KRAFTWERK story below) - and it could very well represent the future of entertainment concerts around the world.

Let me explain. We all know that the music industry is having trouble with how to capitalize on their revenue potential. Many are suggesting a heavy return for touring bands as a way to bring in money - LIVE concerts. I happen to believe in that remedy. But their is more potential here.

3D for example. I propose that music companies fund these concert tours but also generate further revenue from the following:
- Broadcast concerts in LIVE 3D around the globe for well known bands on opening nights for premium fees. If an in-person concert ticket costs $100, charge $25 for live event tickets in theaters. Sell the same exclusive merchandise that you can buy at the concert at these theaters as well. Allow the purchase of alcohol during these special screenings.
- Record these live events for limited-time (1 week or 2) presentations in 3D at the theaters ($12). Sell left over merchandise. No alcohol.
- Insert these 3D concerts into their available Blu-ray 3DHD library once 3D home videos are enjoying a standard format (should be soon through the efforts of the SMPTE and some select corporations).

Further, they should integrate 3D into the in-person live concerts. Take for example the German electromusic pioneers KRAFTWERK performing in Wolfsburg, Germany on April 26, 2009. The band integrated 3D graphics behind them on four huge video walls and the audience really engaged it. I should note here that it was NOT polarized 3D, but those annoying old cardboard glasses - but the potential is there for something truly spectacular with modern 3D. The polarized glasses can be branded with the bands tour info / logo and taken home as another momento of the event.

Those KRAFTWERK guys kinda look like extras for TRON2... :-)

If the 3D is done right - like U2 3D was - then it is truly is a no-brainer. The theater's audience feels like they are actually there and in some ways it is a superior way to see your favorite bands. I know I was blown away by seeing U2 in 3D from being on stage in front of 100,000 people to becoming one of a sea of humanity in the audience with the heads of the people in front of me in the theater MERGING with the heads of the audience at the concert. SEAMLESS. And spectacular.

For the labels, the time is now.
Leverage your artists' performances in 3D and you will reap the rewards...

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