Monday, May 18, 2009

THE DARK COUNTRY Will See Theatrical Light

Jim here. This is awesome news! You all know Thomas Jane who I interviewed last summer and he has been hard at work on multiple projects not the least of which is his directorial debut THE DARK COUNTRY, in 3D no less!

I believe this is the first 3D movie where the same man directed and starred in it. I have high hopes for the movie as it has been shot in Film Noir style and has some pretty exciting shots in the can. To hear more about the movie check out my interview with Thomas.

Also starring in the thriller is Ron Perlman and Lauren German. Variety says that Sony Pictures now holds the domestic distribution rights and will use a 3rd party to do so, while Nu Image holds international rights.

The movie involves a newly married couple coming across a dying victim in the middle of the road in the desert.

More when I get it!

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