Friday, May 01, 2009

UPDATE: The Camera Technology Behind Joe Dante's THE HOLE 3D

Jim here. Exclusive update guys - I just got an update from Kyle over at Paradise FX who were shooting Joe Dante's THE HOLE in 3D last week and I had to share it with you.

THE HOLE 3D is about a mother who moves to a rural area from the big city with her two boys (18 and 10 years old) for some mysterious reason. The two brothers come across a strange door in their floor with locks on it after they had moved some things around. After managing to get the door open, they uncover a deep, black "hole" that of course they venture into that "leads to the darkest corridors of their fears and nightmares".

Click on the images to blow up. If you want to see higher res copies of these, let me know!

The underwater scenes in the first two photos were shot late last week in Pasadena - you can see Paradise FX's new ParaCam Mini 2K-3D Underwater Housing. Nice tight seal baby!
Hmmmm. Pool = A hole of sorts. Think the hole in the basement is connected to the pool?

The dark outdoor photo was taken on set-up in Vancouver for night exteriors work. We can see the Paradise wide angle ParaCam 4K RED 3D rig on Techno Crane/Scorpio Head with Sterographer/Paradise Founder Max Penner & 3D Tech/1st AC David Mickey Taylor. Vancouver has got some great character buildings to draw upon (I lived there for a few years) and while it gets a bad rap for raining a lot in the winter, I didn't find that to be all that accurate. NORTH Vancouver on the other hand... Now we are talking rain. :-)

THE HOLE 3D is currently in post production and is slated for a 2010 release.

I love how much fun these guys are having - you can see that this isn't work for them, but a passion! That's how great things get done, and I am expecting great things from THE HOLE 3D. That's Joe Dante in the second picture (background) talking on his cell. Hoping to get more exclusives soon - stay tuned!

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