Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drew from HitFix Experiences the Avatar Game Demo!

Michael here.  Drew ("Moriarty" of AICN fame) from HitFix has been on the hype train for James Cameron's "next project" longer than just about anyone else.  He was one of the first people in the internet movie community to really "get" just how revolutionary and huge a pop culture event James Cameron's return to feature filmmaking would be - on par with Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, if not even bigger. His enthusiasm has been contagious.

So I am very pleased that he is the only "movie writer" who has managed to get in to one of the demo showings of Ubisoft's Avatar game.

A small excerpt:

You. Are. Not. Ready.

And here's why. In simple language. Because James Cameron is trying harder. Harder than he's ever tried before. Harder than anyone else is trying now. He's just reaching further, and I'm wired to applaud that, and to root for him to do what he's trying to do... expand the language of film itself, to add new tools to the toolbox as we're making these tpes of movies in the future. The ambition of what he's building, the full-world realization of this longtime dream of his... it's sort of overwhelming when you first take it in. I understand why it took him a long time to get his head around how to make it real. You can write that a film takes place on a planet where there are floating mountains going by. But to convincingly create a planet where there are floating mountains, where you make that idea seem a natural part of the natural order... that's huge.

Read the rest at HitFix here!

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