Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Multiple James Cameron Interviews from E3!

Michael here.  James Cameron interviews from E3 are popping up left and right.  There's a lot of fascinating detail about the game and movie in terms of both story and technology.  It's great to hear the level of thought, effort, and collaboration that is going into the game.

Also, the Avatar game demo is apparently behind closed doors, and is only being shown to select people, according to a Tweet from El Guapo of Latino Review.  I'll still try my best to check it out, but that's the most recent word.

Official Playstation Magazine Interview (3 Parts)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

IGN Interview:

Gamespot Interview:

An edited text version of the OPM interview: Read it here

I'm hearing all the right things about the game.  And it's great to hear that Cameron thinks he has leapt over the uncanny valley in 9 shots out of 10 from the movie.  The sequel talk is exciting, too.  What do you think of the possibility of collaboration between Ubisoft and Cameron on developing the sequels' stories?

More as I get it.

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