Monday, June 22, 2009

Tons of Official "Alice in Wonderland" Images!

SAME DAY UPDATE: Michael here with two new pics from YAHOO! Movies, one of Mia Wasikowska as Alice, the other of the Tweedle bros.

Michael here. USA Today just posted a first look at Tim Burton's 3D CG/live action reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, and the article is chock-full of art and images from the film. I've seen some of this before at events such as ShoWest, but until now none of it has been made public.
An interesting piece of news from the article is that the movie is a sort of pseudo-sequel to the original Alice in Wonderland story: "Alice, 17, attends a party at a Victorian estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. Off she runs, following a white rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited 10 years before yet doesn't remember." This raises my interest in the film to even higher levels, as it allows Burton to approach the material from a fresh perspective. It will be fascinating to see how an older Alice reacts to Wonderland, and how the denizens of Wonderland react to an older Alice. What will be the same, and what will be different?

Also of note is that the film took 40 days to shoot: "We finished shooting in December after only 40 days," Zanuck says. Now the live action is being merged with CG animation and motion-capture creatures, and then transferred into 3-D." I am curious as to whether that 40 days encompassed both the live-action shoot and the mo-cap work for the CGI characters.

It will be very interesting to hear more about the production processes that Burton and his team employed in making this movie. "Alice" almost seems like Avatar's crazy twin sister - both are huge, fantasy-based 3D/CG projects from visionary directors, but they utilize wildly varying production pipelines and 3D methodologies. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Head over to the USA Today article for all the full-size pictures as well as comments on the film and its characters from producer Richard Zanuck.

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