Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A World First - How About A Some 3D Gaming Before That 3D Movie!

Jim here. Thanks to Matt in the UK for sending me another great story - this time Register Hardware has the goods on a new 3D Gaming System being set up for use before 3D movies are shown in 20 UK based VUE Entertainment screens (RealD) starting on July 10, 2009.

The game seems fairly rudimentary but of course it is first generation stuff and the idea is to involve the audience with an interactive gaming experience in 3D before 3D movies. Awesome idea that is finally coming of age.

O2's ASTEROID STORM brings the viewers into the mix by using two or more infrared cameras on the theater ceiling to track their hand movements. Sections of the audience simply raise their hands to control whatever it is on the screen that they are responsible for. In this case they must maneuver a damaged space ship in an asteroid field out of harms way. The game's server then takes the audiences various hand movements and plots out the real time motion of the space ship.

Of course asteroids are coming at you in 3D while this is happening! This game will show in front of ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS and TOY STORY in major UK cities.

Some locations are:
Vue Leicester Square, Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Vue Edinburgh Waterside, Vue Finchley road, London, Vue Kirkstall road, Leeds, Vue West End, AMC Manchester, AMC Birmingham, Truro Plaza.

Time to get this over to North America PRONTO. Think of the imaginative games you can come up with! Now, most of the time my immediate neighbors in a theater leave a lot to be desired - blazing light from their phones or incessant talking... Perhaps these games can bring us all closer together! Gain respect from your fellow movie goer and become part of the greater good!!

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