Monday, August 17, 2009

Avatar Day - Rush for Tickets Brings Down Official Site

UPDATE: is now working, with a full list of theaters arranged by state and city. Reserve your tickets right away before all spots are gone!

Michael here. Fan demand for Avatar Day has brought Fox's servers to their knees.

Now it is clearer than ever that a huge number of people are frothing to see what James Cameron has been up to over the past 5 (or 15, depending on how you look at it) years. So eager that they managed to not only find out that Avatar Day is happening despite the relative lack of promotion outside online circles, but their enthusiasm and desire for these tickets is so great that they have also been relentlessly refreshing the site beginning hours before noon on a Monday.

As of 1:00 PM PST, is down. [UPDATE 2:15 pm PST - I have yet to read a report of someone getting a ticket directly through While is now up as of 2:15 pm PST, the ticketing site is still down.] The "backdoor" links are up and down, seemingly randomly. This stampede for tickets reminds me of the craziness of trying to get Comic-Con hotel reservations.

Backdoor links, thanks to MarketSaw reader "Moose" who posted them in the comments section of the Podcast article:

RSVP pages available now:
AMC Entertainment -
Regal Entertainment Group -
Cineplex Entertainment (Canada) -

In any event, I wish everyone the best in getting tickets! Did you get into the site? Did you receive an email confirmation yet? Chime in below.

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