Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THIS IS IT: Michael Jackson's Concert Movie Gets A Date With 3D

Jim here. Michael Jackson's concert movie is a go and slated for this October 30 - Halloween weekend. Here is what we know so far:

According to the LATimes, Kenny Ortega (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) is being courted to direct the movie as he was Jackson's creative partner for the concert series. Whoever directs will be the lead on sifting through all the concert rehearsal / behind the scenes (BTS) footage and selecting the scenes to include for the King of Pop's fans.

Portions of the movie will indeed be in 3D. In conversations I have had with Vince Pace, there were 3D shots taken of Jackson and others with the FUSION cameras that were intended to be used for a huge display that would have graced his THIS IS IT stage in London. They were shooting for 10 days so the footage could be instrumental for this movie - at least the 3D portions of it.

Pace was contacted to do the work on the project in the middle of May and both Vince and Jim Cameron felt it was a perfect fit.

Says Vince: "It was an exciting project and we were proud to be a part of it. Michael Jackson was always ahead of the pack and his embrace of 3D proved that he was still innovating. Both Jim and I were anxious to see the results of the collaboration of everyone involved."

So now we know that those 3D shots will be in the concert movie. I am a sucker for BTS footage so I will be most intrigued with the informal shots. Sony paid $60m for the rights so it will be done right I am sure.

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