Sunday, August 09, 2009

UNDERWORLD 4 To Sink Their Teeth Into 3D?

Jim here. Word from our friends over at ShockTilYouDrop is that Sony's Screen Gems is going to be shooting UNDERWORLD 4 in 3D after the successful third movie in the franchise made over $90 million worldwide. Not bad for a $35 million budget.

No word on casting, but hopefully Michael Sheen (loved him as David Frost!) and Bill Nighy make it back from the last one.

Release is slated for a January 2011 timeframe.

The franchise got a needed boost with the prequel I believe. It has powered up the storyline and makes subsequent iterations that much easier to present. I would love to see sweeping vistas in 3D for the fourth movie - instead of being relegated to only a few set locations in the prequel. Bring back Kate somehow too.

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