Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Want To See The Next Big Gaming Sensation? SILHOUETTE 3D!!

Jim here. Just saw some very interesting clips of Softkinetic's SILHOUETTE in action at NVIDIA GTC 2009! Awesome really.

Taking a cue from DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION and some outstanding innovation, Softkinetic has come up with a winner. Players simple stand in front of their televisions with their NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses on and watch the "silhouette" shape that they must make approach them as a shadow would on a wall.

I suspect that these approaching walls can be sped up and the shapes made outrageously hard! Now I am 6'6" so I don't know if I can even fit through them :-) Looks like fun though - my kids will enjoy laughing at me. I am pretty sure that this game will be a hit, especially in 3D.

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