Sunday, November 08, 2009

3D Gaming Takes Off On Laptops! 3D Vision Leading The Way

Jim here. Acer has some competition now. Asus is coming out with TWO new 3D gaming laptops outfitted with NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology - so active shutter glasses. Active Shutter is the best option for gaming and home entertainment at this point and simply blows away Acer's entry (that uses polarization and a thin film on the computer screen). Asus' has much better 3D performance according to Reg Hardware.

The G51J3D will be released in December using NVIDIA's GeForce GTX160M graphics chip with 1GB of dedicated DDR 3 memory and a 15.6" screen.

The G72GX will see light in Q2, 2010 with a 17.3" screen. The GPU is still under wraps at this point. Both versions will utilize Intel's Core i7 CPUs with 4GB memory and 2 x 320 HDD.

Would love to test the larger unit out! Being able to pack up and move your 3D gaming system is great for visiting friends and setting up a quick "same room" session. More on these products when I get it!

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