Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Medley of Avatar Items! And Have Screenings Started?

**UPDATED - See below...

Michael here. MarketSaw's readers are awesome. Just look and see what they've dug up so far today regarding AVATAR...

1) The huge, floating, jellyfishlike medusae appear to be in the movie (see picture to left), as they are featured on Casio's website (credit to Shletten)...

2) ...and are also feautured in the below mural (credit to Rastal). Watch to see an impressive time-lapse of the store being painted:

3. Also, it looks like McDonald's will have a tie-in with Avatar! It looks like something Avatar-related will come with your Happy Meal. Maybe a toy like the one to the right, from the McDonald's Happy Meal website (credit to One Movie, Five Views).

**UPDATE - Nov 16: We have heard directly from Fox that the last official press screenings in France was Sep 7. Seems David is in error.
4. Have press/preview screenings started? I heard from a source (thanks David!) today that there was a screening of the 2D version of the movie this past Wednesday in France, and that the response was "amazingly positive":

That person went with some of his colleagues who weren't really interrested by what they saw or heard about AVATAR, and apparently, the response was AMAZINGLY POSITIVE. Even them thought the movie was incredibly awesome, and the journalist in question said that it was amazing too. And, what strikes me the most, is that they saw the 2D...!

Has anyone else heard anything about screenings? I would expect that the film is not finished yet, and that any screenings would be of an incomplete version of the film. If you can confirm or debunk this alleged screening, I would appreciate it.

Anyway, it's hard to believe that Avatar will be in theaters in less than five weeks, isn't it? It's going to be a fun ride right up until the premiere.

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