Monday, November 02, 2009

ROGER RABBIT 2 Is A Drawn Out Process - But Ramping Up: Zemeckis Hires Original Writers!

**UPDATE: Nov 3 - Zemeckis confirms his use of performance capture and 3D for ROGER RABBIT 2. As if we didn't know that!! :-)

Jim here. Well pretty much knew Zemeckis was going to revisit ROGER RABBIT back in April/May this year, but now it seems Robert has announced that the original writers are attached to pen the script for ROGER RABBIT 2. Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman are hard at work on it (via MTV).

Good to see some follow up on this project! It is going to be wicked to see 3D live action (most likely knowing Zemeckis!) mixed with flat 2D hand drawn animation: "I will tell you this - if that ever does happen, the 2D animated characters will remain 2D. They will not be dimensionalized, but that doesn't mean other parts won't be in 3D," (Zemeckis at Comic Con 2009).

:-) Should be spectacular!!

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