Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confusing: China Pulling AVATAR From 2D Screens To Make Way For CONFUCIUS

Jim here. In a move that really shouldn't surprise me that much given how China is being run, AVATAR is being pulled from 2D theaters in favor of Chow Yun-Fat's CONFUCIOUS.

Apparently the state run China Film Group has told 2D theaters across the country to cease showing AVATAR under the order from Beijing.

January 23 will be the last day for AVATAR in 2D for China.
At least the 3D remains (550 screens) and they should remain sold out for a LONG time. For now.

Word has it that the Chinese government is not happy with showing the people fighting back against losing their lands as they do now to developers and government interests.

Would have been interesting to see these two films battle it out in China - but now it seems that they won't allow that to happen. Glad we live in the free world!

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