Friday, January 08, 2010

THAT'S IT! The Avatanic James Cameron Has The #1 and #2 Spots For Top Grossing Movies!

Jim here. AVATAR is just hitting its stride isn't it? Can it topple TITANIC as the number one movie of all time? Personally I say yes. There is still time left before Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND hits us and snags the 3D screens - look what AVATAR has done in only 20 DAYS! As of January 6, it had $375m domestic and $757m internationally for a total of $1.13 BILLION - besting the previous #2, Peter Jackson's RETURN OF THE KING. 20 days people!

So what do you think? Any guesses at this point as to where AVATAR's box office will wind up? Don't forget, re-releases are possible later in the year - especially as it looks best on the largest 3D screens available. And of course the awards should boost it too, especially if it walks away with armfuls of gold.

I say TITANIC will sink again AND to the only man capable of sinking her... James Cameron. :-) Oh, and his profit participation points are starting to look pretty good - wouldn't you say?

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