Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fox Interested In Atari's MISSILE COMMAND For A 3D Movie?

Jim here. According to the LA Times, Fox and Peter Chernin's new production company are interested in obtaining the movie rights to Atari's 1980's video game MISSILE COMMAND. If you are familiar with the Atari 2600 video game console then you have probably seen this game in action as it was introduced on that platform and was quite successful.

The game centered around trying to defend your cities from incoming missile attacks. You had to time the detonation of your attacks to match the incoming warheads.

From the LA Times: There are traces of science-fiction elements to the game (the story is putatively set in another galaxy) as well as military overtones. And the film would likely be shot in 3D, tapping into the current vogue. But how a studio could turn Missile Command into a full-fledged action movie remains a question.

I never owned MISSILE COMMAND.
I was a SPACE INVADERS guy myself. Wait. SPACE INVADERS! Perfect for a movie...

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