Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rumor: JAWS Remake In The Works? In S3D... With Tracy Morgan!?!

Jim here. According to Cinema Blend, the classic Spielberg thriller JAWS may be rebooted in stereoscopic 3D for today's audiences. They have a source at Universal who says that they are "strongly considering a remake".

The source goes further and claims that Tracy Morgan was at one point being considered for Richard Dreyfuss' part of Matt Hooper.

That one threw me for a loop. Tracy Morgan? Well, even if they were going for a comedic touch on this one there are plenty of other comics I think I would choose in his stead. Bradley Cooper for example. HEY! Cooper... Hooper! Planets are aligning, I can feel it.

I hope they get it done actually. The last 3D attempt with JAWS failed miserably (even though I sat through it twice in theaters). More when I get it!

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