Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great New James Cameron Interview! He Talks Avatar 2, Avatar Blu-rays, and More

Michael here. Collider has an awesome new interview with James Cameron in which he goes into detail regarding the Avatar Blu-rays (which will have two new versions of the movie!), the amount of time Avatar 2 would take to make, and more.

Click here to read it.


On Avatar 2: The fastest we could imagine making another film is three to three and a half years, from the moment we start, and we’re not planning on starting tomorrow.

On the Avatar Special Edition Blu-ray:

You’ll be able to do a branching experience where you can select if you want to watch the basic movie, if you want to watch the movie with six minutes of footage added back in, or if you want to watch an earlier cut of the film that has 30 or 35 minutes of additional footage. It will be an unrecognizable movie. You’ll be going on a journey into a whole different version of Avatar. And some of the scenes won’t be done because we won’t have the budget to finish 20 or 30 minutes of CG stuff. We’re taking the Greatest Hits six minutes and finishing that.

Definitely go read the entire interview: it's a really good one.

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