Monday, March 15, 2010

The Masters Will Be Swinging Into Homes This April!!

Jim here. Wow. S3D sports is really starting to explode! Next up is golf and the PGA Masters tournament in 3D April 7 to 11.

There will be plenty of firsts in this broadcast namely: The first live next-generation 3D broadcast of a major sporting event on TV, the first live simulcast of a next-gen 3D event online, and the industry's first live multi-camera next-gen 3D production.

From Comcast's blog: To make the experience possible, Comcast will use our fiber network to carry a 3D production feed provided to the Comcast Media Center where we will package it for distribution to our systems and the Masters website. Sony and IBM are playing critical roles in working with us and the Masters to make this 3D broadcast available to consumers.

As our industry experiments with new ways to deliver live 3D content to the home, consumer electronics manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are beginning to make 3D-enabled TV sets available at retail. If you're one of those early adopters who had to get your hands on an HDTV set in the late 1990s and like to try every new device first, then this is your chance to watch the next big thing. You will also be able to play the live 3D stream at on your PC, using a 3D media player, 3D monitor and 3D glasses. Traditional Masters Tournament coverage will continue to be available in HD on CBS and ESPN with highlights On Demand and online.

What are you waiting for? Get one of these S3DHD TVs and soak this stuff up in the comfort of your own home! :-) Any word of Tiger playing in that tourny?

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