Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Michael Bay Actively Testing TRANSFORMERS For S3D!!

Jim here. Michael Bay is singing a different tune these days as the AVATAR effect is rebounding off of all major tentpoles the studios are involved in.

If you will remember, Bay had originally told me that 3D was a fad and he thought that he shot too aggressively for 3D. Well he is revisiting that statement right now under what is sure to be studio pressure. It definitely seems he is leaning toward a 3D conversion though.

MTV recently got some comments from Bay on what he has been up to with the franchise and this is what he said about 3D: "It's a process we're testing with some 'Transformers' scenes," he said. "How successful it is with my movie in terms of a lot of real stuff coming out of the frame, real dirt, real complicated little particles coming towards the lens, because hopefully that process will work. I've seen some tests that look great on other movies. I just want to see how it looks on my footage."

We all know that TRANSFORMERS 3 will be in stereoscopic 3D.
It really is a moot point by now. Imagine the smiles when you tack on the 3D premium for the already established franchise! Imagine the smiles on us when we see the action in 3D too. :-) It sure isn't about the plot now is it?

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