Friday, March 12, 2010

Think You Saw AVATAR? Think Again! Update On The Potential Re-release With Additional Footage!!

Jim here. Wow - exciting news indeed. Yesterday we learned that TITANIC will be most likely delivered in the spring of 2012 and that AVATAR will probably be re-released this fall.

Now comes word from THR that the re-release could happen as early as this summer and ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE will be included!!

How MUCH additional footage? It seems that there are two likely scenarios: Adding 10 minutes of scenes (like Tsu Tey's ritual and Jake Sully proving himself to the Na'vi) that have already been through post production (just enough to still allow IMAX 3D to screen it too) *OR* adding 40 minutes of scenes that would have to be processed to be included. I am wagering for the first option but hoping for the second. Realistically though, it will be the 10 minutes. They need something extra for the S3DHD Blu-ray right? The 40 minutes will be more than likely going there .

So what do you think?
Awesome news right!!? How much additional footage do you think will make the summer re-release?

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