Thursday, April 22, 2010

BSAT Labs Offers 2D to 3D Conversion

Michael here. A couple days ago I saw a screening of some of Chicago-based BSAT Labs 3D conversion work, and it looked spectacular.

The clips included converted shots from Piranha 3-D and Iron Man. Every piece of Iron Man's armor was rendered in impeccable detail, and the intricate debris, smoke, and fire from an explosion was given clear and distinct depth. The shots from Piranha were equally impressive, demonstrating a virtuosity for converting live action. All the 3D was crisp and rounded, with objects distributed throughout the stereospace instead of all bunched together in planes. The footage completely avoided the flatness and blurriness that plague bad conversion jobs.

The reel I was shown highlighted BSAT's pipeline, showing stills from different stages of their process. It also included a number of shorter shots, some of which you can view in anaglyph here at BSAT Labs' website. I really appreciated how the reel took its time to show the 2D version of a shot before the 3D version, and how it demonstrated the work BSAT had to accomplish to create the 3D.

BSAT Labs outputs left and right eye images. It uses a non-proprietary, modular system and process that is easy to learn and allows versatility for the client, permitting size of staff to expand as required by the project. Their work flow places great importance on filmmaker creative involvement.

BSAT launched its 2D/3D conversion in May 2009 and has since tested for several studios. Its sister company BSAT Inc. has been in business since 2001 serving the cable and broadcast industry.

I look forward to seeing BSAT Labs' work on the big screen in the future!

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