Thursday, April 01, 2010

FANTASTIC VOYAGE To The Other Side: Where There Is Greengrass!!

Jim here. I have to admit I did not see this one coming. Why? Because Paul Greengrass loves handheld shots (think the BOURNE movies, GREEN ZONE and UNITED 93). But let me say this - he is an elite director and to have him in tandem with producer James Cameron is a momentous occasion! I have been dying to get this man to 3D for YEARS.

Variety reports that Greengrass is in early negotiations to become the director for FANTASTIC VOYAGE, which is currently held by Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox.

You want a heckuva good 3D movie? Anything that floats and has movement in relation to other objects will look stunning. FV will have all of that and more. If you have seen an underwater 3D movie you know what I am talking about. Cameron is someone who knows a thing or million about diving films.

The original film was released in 1966
and featured a Soviet scientist who discovers the key to miniaturizing things without danger of them reverting to their original size after a period of time. But an assassination attempt leaves him in a coma with a blood clot endangering his brain. A US team is miniaturized and sent into his bloodstream to destroy the clot and save his life. But they’re relying upon outmoded technology, and only have an hour to work before they begin to revert to original size, and are targeted by his immune system.

THR's Heat Vision says very little will change from the original other than the fact there will be no cold war occurring.

A little prediction: This project will propel Greengrass into the stratosphere. Combine his action sequences into a Cameron produced, quality 3D movie, and you have mega box office. I can't help but be reminded of Spielberg's INNERSPACE with this project, but I quickly shove that aside as I know this thing will look mesmerizing in modern 3D! Bring it on...

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