Thursday, May 06, 2010

Live Action THE DOG SQUAD 3D Shooting This Summer

Jim here. ContentFilm International has secured rights to a new family project. The director of FLUBBER, Les Mayfield, will be shooting THE DOG SQUAD 3D this summer in Canada. Refreshingly, it is a live action 3D family movie (plenty of animation going on lately). Steve Carpenter wrote with Rick Bennatar producing.

Starring an overweight and lazy Bulldog (Donut), a disgraced former Police Dog (Clint), a sassy Lady Mutt (Samantha), an overly timid Guide-Dog (Bert) and a shameless womanizing Chihuahua (Hector), comes a hilarious and outrageously entertaining live-action adventure that’s fun for all the family.

When a motley crew of stray dogs are thrown into the dog pound, they have to hatch an escape plan fast. Catching an advert for a K9 Police Dog recruitment scheme on the TV, it’s not long before the wild bunch are out of jail and being trained by the bullish Drill Sergeant Pike, where they have just 42 days to be whipped into shape or it’s all over…

Putting their deep rooted trouble making instincts to the test on a daily basis, hilarity ensues at every corner. Donut can’t help but chase all things edible, Hector reminisces about his cross-dressing past and then there’s the small matter of Bert leading a blind man into a manhole. But, working together, the dogs manage to push their lingering insecurities aside, whilst warding off two determined dogcatchers along the way.

The movie will be laden with CG effects.

I am hoping they have Clint Eastwood lined up for the voice of Clint - too much to ask for I am guessing! More when we get it.

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