Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Isn't Jon Favreau Pulling The 3D Trigger For COWBOYS AND ALIENS Right Now?

I am really shocked to hear that at this point the COWBOYS AND ALIENS production shoot will be in 2D! According to Deadline, Favreau is planning on a June 2D start in New Mexico for a July 29, 2011 release. So does this mean he is avoiding 3D altogether, aiming for conversion or just plain chickening out for this project? :-)

We know Jon is interested in 3D. He has said so many, many times and he was impressed with James Cameron's AVATAR. So what is with the delay? The aliens will clearly be a SciFi element to this western and 3D is a match in heaven for that genre. It would look gorgeous and make the scenes all the more believable. We all have to suspend disbelief and quite frankly to have cowboys have any chance against technically superior aliens is a stretch. In my mind, 3D is a REQUIREMENT here.

In more related news, Paul Dano and Clancy Brown are also joining the COWBOYS AND ALIENS cast as cowboys and Keith Carradine is saddling up to play the town sheriff.

In the end though, I think Favreau knows what he is doing. IRON MAN 2 was awesome. Would have been better in 3D, but still awesome. I feel the same for C&A. I am really hoping that the project goes 3D and native 3D at that. Pull the trigger Jon!

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