Sunday, June 06, 2010

Behind The Scenes Clip From Pixar's DAY AND NIGHT

Here is a behind the scenes (BTS) look at Pixar's wonderful new short DAY & NIGHT which will be entertaining you prior to TOY STORY 3 on June 18.

You have got to love the culture at Pixar and how they cultivate new talent. This is easily one of my favorite shorts from them - I won't give away the ending but if you pay attention to the storyboard visuals during the BTS you get a feeling of where it is going.

Trust me, you are really going to enjoy TOY STORY 3. Having seen it at ShoWest, I can safely vouch for it. Heck I even went into the screening with trepidation as I was getting bored of the franchise. I was wrong. TOY STORY 3 pushes all the right buttons.

Enjoy the BTS scenes:

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