Thursday, June 24, 2010

New PIRANHA 3D Teaser Poster!

I am feeling exploited with this poster - and I like it! :-)

Dimension has released this teaser poster for their upcoming thriller / horror PIRANHA 3D (via Twitter). They have been very active promoting this Alexandre Aja project lately and I get the same type of in-your-face vibe from this marketing as I did from Lionsgate's MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D. You can easily get away with "comin' at ya" 3D in horror - so why not now right Alexandre?

Storyline: Every year the small community of sleepy Lake Victoria expands from 5,000 people to 50,000 for crazy Spring Break. This year, there's something else to be concerned about aside from a bunch of horny drunken teens. After a small underwater earthquake releases schools of prehistoric man-eating fish, a group of strangers must work together to stop everyone from becoming human fish food.

PIRANHA 3D opens in a 3D theater near you August 20.

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